The Critical matter of Critical illness cover

‘Doing our bit’ is extremely important to most of us. We love taking part in worthy causes and none more so than those relating to health and well-being.

November 14, 2017

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More people buy health insurance before marriage: Survey

Find out how Indians’ priorities related to health insurance change after they get married, according to the recent Max Bupa Health Insurance Pulse 2017 survey.

July 24, 2017

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How to pick the right health insurance for your dependents in the UAE

From your children to your parents and your maid, here's how to ensure they have the best medical care possible

July 23, 2017

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British expats moving home due to Brexit face much higher property costs

With British expats still unsure what their rights and status will be in European Union countries when Brexit takes place in two years’ time many may be planning to move home.

July 20, 2017

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Trump has no idea how much health insurance costs

“I know a lot about health care,” President Donald Trump declared in a Wednesday interview with the New York Times.

July 20, 2017

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Claiming Pension Tax Relief As An Expat

Expats can claim pension tax relief as long as they are still resident in the UK.
Residence is a matter of fact rather than choice and depends on the result of the statutory residence test.
Expats who are not resident in the UK cannot claim pension tax relief

July 17, 2017

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UAE’s financial system needs more active liquidity management: IMF

The banking system is facing new challenges following the sharp decline in oil prices and it needs to adjust its liquidity management measures to adjust to the new reality according to a recent paper prepared by a staff team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Sunday, Jul 16, 2017

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HM Revenue and Customs expects to collect about £2.3bn in inheritance tax (IHT) this financial year, the product of taxing people's assets and cash when they die.

One method which you can use to pay a prospective IHT bill is to buy an insurance policy.
This is taken out on the life of the individual concerned, and is taken out by themselves or their spouses or civil partners.

April 24 2017

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Budget 2017: HMRC introduces 25% tax charge on Qrops transfers

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced that qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes (Qrops) transfers for individuals not in the European Economic Area (EAA) will be hit with a 25% tax charge.

08 Mar, 2017

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British Expats Buying Investment Properties in London and South East Region

Britons living overseas are turning their attention back to the UK in order to invest in properties. The Greater London area and the surrounding South East region are proving especially popular with expats, with nearly two thirds opting for these areas when buying UK properties for buy-to-let purposes.

Mar 7 2017

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Brexit Impact: Expat numbers drop, leaving hundreds of job vacancies

Dubai: While employment opportunities may be scarce in this part of the world, there are labour markets out there that are struggling to find workers due to a drop in expatriate jobseekers.

15 February 2017

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