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Business ownership brings many challenges and responsibilities which run alongside day to day trading activity. At Arlo Associates we have structured our business advice practice to meet those challenges and provide just the kind of critical support any organisation needs to both secure its continued trading and make the right choices for growth.

All too often businesses are damaged and in some cases fail because of poor financial planning and that’s why Arlo Associates have become the first choice for businesses across the region. Our skilled and experienced advisors take time to look at business risks, regulatory requirements and the best structures to support growth; they take a holistic approach and look at all stakeholder groups with a view to facilitating long-term financial planning that leaves business owners confident in the future.

Non-wage compensation, including group insurance, income protection, retirement benefits (Enhanced EoSB schemes) and schooling & housing provision, have become essential components of the employment package offered to employees in the GCC.

As an independent brokerage, Arlo Associates works with companies in the region to build a suite of benefits for their employees, working closely with HR and Finance to ensure a company-wide synergy to the strategy. Whether the directive is to find a more cost-effective group medical insurance plan for 50 employees or build a bespoke Enhanced EoSB scheme for a multi-national, Arlo Associates’ relationships with a long list of global insurers ensures that employers are offered value for money and independent representation each step of the way.


A corporate pension is a formal agreement between a company and its employees to provide funding for the employees retirement. The agreement can be structured in various ways with the future benefits either with the company or employee, whilst financing of the plan can be made through contributions from the company, employee or both parties.

Arlo Associates is able to provide a full service to its corporate clients, from initial advice on the structure of the pension agreement, setting up the legal documentation & scheme literature, and finally to advising on the best platform and investment strategy for the pension contributions.


Under UAE labour law, an End of Service Benefit (EoSB) entitlement is a sum of money that an employer is lawfully required to pay an employee upon the termination of the employment contract. The payment is based on the employee’s basic salary at time of the contract termination and length of service, and therefore is similar in structure to the defined benefit pension schemes in the UK.

Increasingly, UAE companies are becoming aware of the risk their total EoSB liability has to the future financial health of the business, especially as employees are staying longer and salaries are increasing. An estimate by one of the region’s largest insurers is that EoSB liabilities have increased 140% since they began analysing the market in 2008. Holding this liability on the balance sheet is not only a financial risk to both the employer and employee, but is also against international accounting standards.

Arlo Associates’ unique position in the UAE market, with access to the world’s biggest insurers, trustees and asset managers, allows us to help companies remove this liability from their balance sheet and hold it in a structure that protects both the employer’s future working capital and the employee’s future entitlement.

An Enhanced EoSB scheme takes this process a step further by turning an unfunded EoSB liability into a recognisable benefit. Arlo Associates helps employers build a single solution that offers straightforward EoSB management & administration, alongside additional benefits including: online access to real-time valuations, additional contributions from employer and employee, a wide range of investment strategies, tiered accounts, and worldwide portability. Above a regular EoSB scheme, the enhanced EoSB solution offers a host of proven benefits including removing time-consuming management from administration staff, reducing the cost of future liability and increasing retention of key staff for HR.


As a leading figure in the offshore wealth management & personal finance market, Arlo Associates arranges corporate seminars that cover a wide range of topics, from corporate & personal insurance, to end-of-service-benefit schemes and corporate pensions. Our experience in this field allows us to cater to groups of all sizes and nationalities, and we can tailor the seminar around each group's specific interests. It is important to note that the advice Arlo Associates gives is 100% independent and the aim of these seminars is foremost to provide unbiased information to employees.


• Do you see the value in a differentiated employee remuneration package?

• Are your employees aware of the total value of the benefits you put in place for them?

• Could you have better longer-term financial plans that benefit business cashflow, secure employee loyalty and provide maximum flexibility for all stakeholders?

• Do you have a reliable and trustworthy financial partner which has your own interests at the top of their agenda?


At Arlo Associates we have developed a full range of business products designed to meet all aspects of financial planning for organisations of every size. We only partner with the best global product providers and offer a bespoke approach to our support which is designed to form the basis of our long-term partnership with you.


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