Education Fee Planning

Have you done your homework on the costs of education?

Parents always want the best start in life for their children and what greater gift or benefit is there than a good education. With the world today becoming increasingly more competitive securing a good career is more difficult than it ever was and it is therefore natural to want to provide your child with the best possible education to give them every chance to succeed.

As tuition fees have steadily increased over the years, the cost of tuition is now a major expense, and if left unmanaged can be a huge drain on your resources when the time comes. This leaves the planning of this particular aspect of your children’s future absolutely vital, so as to ensure adequate funds are in place to meet these costs, especially if you have more than one child.


• Are you concerned about the cost of your children’s future education?

• Have you calculated exactly how much you will need to cover their education fees?

• Have you factored in the cost of ‘education’ inflation into these calculations?

• Do you want to start making provisions today for your children’s future education?


Arlo Associates’ team of asset managers have many years of experience helping clients provide for the future liability of their children’s education. We utilise a range of tax-efficient platforms and investment strategies to make providing for children’s education a simple and cost-effective process.


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