Estate and Tax Planning

Believe it or not you have an estate, your estate is comprised of everything you own; your property, other investment property, bank accounts, saving accounts, investments, life insurance the list goes on. Regardless of the size, everyone has an estate. Estate planning is crucial to preserving your wealth for future generations. It is normally used to eliminate uncertainties and maximize the value of assets by reducing taxes. Knowing your potential estate tax liability is often difficult to gauge and that's why speaking with a qualified advisor at Arlo associates may be a good place to start.


The management of your personal affairs and wealth during your lifetime and in the event of your death is an important issue for you and your family. Having a Will in place allows you plan, it ensures your estate is dealt with according to your wishes which in turn will protect both you and your family.

Without a will, you do not have an executor. Therefore, someone must be appointed to act as an administrator of your estate. This means potential delay, expense, frustration, and even loss. This then may impact the guardianship of any minor children you have, this could mean that the public guardian (Government) may be involved in your children’s personal lives. Any parent knows the importance and impact this may have.


While trust carry the stigma of being a structure for the wealthy, it’s not always the case, there are actually a number of benefits in creating them. Trusts can be one of the most effective ways to protect assets, as assets transferred to a trust no longer form part of the Settlor’s property. This means the assets cannot normally be seized if the Settlor gets into financial difficulties, for example, as a result of bankruptcy or divorce.

The rules of many onshore jurisdictions may, in certain circumstances, order the trust assets to be transferred back to the Settlor. This could arise if a creditor is able to prove that the Settlor transferred assets into trust with the intention of avoiding a current or future liability, or if the liability arose within a statutory period after the transfer into trust.


Inheritance tax planning is often an area over looked by people in the UK. While this is a major concern unfortunately there are two certainties in life, death and taxes. Inheritance tax combines the two which give taxes on death. Without the correct advice Inheritance tax can cost loved ones hundreds of thousands in legal bills in the event of your death, yet it's possible that inheritance tax can potentially be reduced or avoided altogether with the correct financial structures in place.

It is important to take financial advice on inheritance tax planning due to the rules and complications that may arise. The consequences of doing the wrong thing could have a major impact on your family's financial future.


• Do you have assets in the country you are residing in?

• Do you have young children that will need guardianship?

• Does your estate exceed the nil rate band?

• Are you married, which will have an effect on the nil rate band?

• Do you have children?


Arlo Associates have a number of tax specialists within the group that have in-depth knowledge in all areas of estate and tax planning. You can be assured that your finances are structured in the correct way to protect your wealth and your family in the event of death.


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